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A more current explanation of users of the Internet has arrived in this post by TALL blog. It’s about students using the web however you can see how it really is applicable for any Internet travelers. I like it a lot as the digital vs. native term was so black and white when in fact the fluid nature of how people are visiting then taking up residence is far more accurate in my estimation.

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Not ‘Natives’ & ‘Immigrants’ but ‘Visitors’ & ‘Residents’

As part of the JISC funded Isthmus project we have been taking a close look not at what technologies our students use but at how our they use them. We found that our students could not be usefully categorised as Digital Natives or Digital Immigrants. I.e. This distinction does not help guide the implementation of technologies it simply provides the excuse that “some people ‘just don’t get it’ which is why your new approach has failed so badly…”

Anyway, our students appropriation of online services did not seem to follow a simple pattern based on skill level. It seemed to depend on if they saw the web as a ‘place to live’ or as a collection of useful tools. This underlying motivation led us to outline two main categories of distance learning student.

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